June 21, 2024
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Full-time Gambler reveals how to beat the casino on a budget

The most important rule in casino gambling is the first. This rule states that you should not gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. It can be dangerous to your financial health to play with rent money, also known as “scared cash”,

Casino games are not meant to be favored by the player. Each casino game has a negative expectation (also known as the “house percentage”), which means that in the short-term no decision or outcome can always be predicted online casino bonus.

However, I think that any casino gambler who uses an intelligent betting and playing system to limit their wagers to a house percent of less than 2% can overcome the inherent advantage of casinos.

If you decide to gamble, make sure you do it within your personal budget. Divide your bankroll by how many sessions you plan to play. This is determined by how many betting units you have.

Let’s take an example. You have $200 and are playing $25 Blackjack. This gives you enough money to play eight hands. Your chances of winning are greatly reduced if you have a low capital.

Properly capitalized means that you will be able to weather any loss and still have enough money to continue playing. It takes patience to be able overcome short-term losing streaks. However, it is the key to being a consistent winner. Your chances of making a profit during a session of play are greatly increased if you have enough capital.

Blackjack is a game where basic strategy (“expert play”) is almost a dead even game. The key to winning is to remain in the game after any bad run of cards ends.

If I had $200 to play Blackjack then my minimum bet would not exceed $5 per hand. This allows me to fully take advantage of favorable circumstances. With 40 units of betting, I can easily increase my stakes when I win and aggressively “split pairs” or “doubling down” when necessary.

Roulette is the same. Based on your system, you’d first determine how much money each spin would cost. This number is used to calculate your session bankroll.

A valid system shouldn’t require more than 40 rounds to make a profit, just like Blackjack.

The 3 Keys to Money Management

Many systems are available for mini-bankrolls. This allows you to have a great chance of winning without having to take too much risk. These mini-bankrolls are the perfect solution for casual and weekend gamblers. This requires that you divide your budgeted bankroll into separate sessions of play.

It is not difficult to win a lot of money from casino gambling. Here’s how:

  1. A complete knowledge of the game is essential.
  2. It is important to know the basics of several betting strategies.
  3. You must be adequately capitalized to cover both the bet size as well as each session.

These are the 4 rules that will ensure you have the best chance of winning.

  1. Always plan your gambling sessions, and play with sufficient funds.
  2. Divide your bankroll into several playing sessions.
  3. You can’t take out more money if you lose your session stake. Take a break and end the session.
  4. Keep your patience and self-control intact at all times. If you lose, don’t increase your wagers in an attempt to recoup your losses.

This is the most common statement about gambling: “Bet with your head and not over it.” It makes perfect sense.

Ray Walkoczy is a gambling professional and author of PlayersCasinoClub.com. To learn the winning systems for Craps, Blackjack, Roulette & Baccarat click here now: PlayersCasinoClub.com. Find out the secrets to beating the casinos.

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