May 18, 2024
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Types of Sports Bets Explained

Sports bets come in many forms at online sportsbooks. No matter if you’re new or experienced, it’s essential to understand how each wager works.
Sports bets typically consist of straight bets, money lines and point spreads;
however, there are numerous other types available as well such as parlays and prop bets.


Moneyline sports betting offers an easy way to bet on teams without worrying about point spreads or other external variables. The moneyline is simply a number that reflects the oddsmakers’ opinion of how likely a team will win a given game.

A team is considered a moneyline favorite if its odds are +150, while an underdog has odds of -150. Additionally, different sportsbooks may offer differing odds depending on the sport streak for the cash advice.

Moneyline bets may seem straightforward and straightforward to win, but it’s essential to do your due diligence before placing a wager. Analyzing matchups, odds and team advantages is key in winning in the long run.


Spread sports betting is a form of wager that involves handicapping teams or athletes in an upcoming game by assessing their relative strengths against one another. This type of bet can be highly profitable for those aiming to maximize their profits in various ways.

The spread is a way to assess the difference between two teams, giving bettors an opportunity to win more money than they invested. In most cases, the point spread is set at a number that oddsmakers predict will make the projected final score close to even.

However, certain circumstances can cause the spread to shift or change. Fortunately, most of these shifts are minor and won’t impact the outcome of the game. Nonetheless, it’s worth keeping an eye on any potential changes so that you get the most value from your spread bet.


Totals (also referred to as over/under or O/U) are one of the least understood types of sports bets. They offer great potential for making money and giving you plenty of betting choices.

A total is a numerical representation of how many points or goals will be scored during a game. This number is set by oddsmakers before the match and may shift occasionally throughout its lead-up.

Totals betting offers the greatest advantages for bettors, as it enables them to place wagers on multiple different outcomes of a game. This can be especially advantageous for those who struggle with choosing between one team or another.


Parlay sports betting is an attractive strategy to increase your payout by combining multiple games or events into a single wager. Unfortunately, it carries risks as all bets must win in order for this strategy to succeed.

Parlays are popular with sports bettors of all abilities and can offer huge payouts if you’re lucky. The key to successful parlay betting lies in selecting only the most attractive odds.

Some sports books allow you to combine both sides and totals in a parlay, which could increase your payout. This is especially helpful when betting on games with high scoring potential.


Futures sports betting allows bettors to wager on an event months or even years in advance, providing them with the chance for large payouts and long-term investment options. It’s ideal for those who enjoy long-term bets and their potential returns.

Major sports such as the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA championship, college national championships and soccer tournaments offer futures options. It’s also popular to wager on individual athletes in baseball, football, golf and tennis.

Similar to other forms of sports betting, futures odds fluctuate over time based on team wins, losses, injuries, trades and free agent acquisitions. They may also shift due to rumors and speculation.

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